about_eejit1Welcome to eejits and all the creatures within. eejits-online is the personal art site of Caithness cartoonist George Mackay and is filled to the brim with curious creatures and other creative creations. Drawing inspiration from people around him, people around the world as well as the wonderful, small and remote part of the world he comes from, this site holds hundreds of eejits especially for your viewing pleasure! So what is an eejit…..? An eejit is an idiot, a fool, a gormless ignoramus. An eejit is a creature who doesn’t know any better. Born in the Highlands of Scotland, these weird and wonderful creatures are even rarer than the famous haggis. Due to their incredibly stupid nature and natural curiosity, they have now been collected together for their own safety. A curious collection of creatures, a menagerie of misfortunate misfits gathered together for the entire world to see.


George Mackay

Born & bred in Caithness (that’s at the very top of the Scottish Highlands, geography fans), George was always a curious child. Not that he was funny looking (maybe one or two would disagree, but come on look at that face!), he was always in about everything. One day he found a set of pens and pencils and discovered that he could put his mark on anything. He soon learned that the proper place to ‘put his mark’ was on paper and not the walls or carpet. Not long after he discovered pencils, he found out about cartoons and eventually comics; his favourites being the old Tom & Jerry & Looney Tunes cartoons and Garfield, the Beano and Dandy comic collections. These inspired him to make his own cartoon characters and comics, doodling on whatever blank piece of paper he could find. In later years, life managed to somehow get in the way of his doodling and he rarely picked up a pencil. But that changed in 2005, when he decided to rekindle his love for cartoon characters and pick up a pencil and draw again. He soon learned that the proper place to ‘put his mark’ was on the internet for others to see & enjoy and not on the walls or carpet (old habits die hard)!