eejits:  HOW IT ALL STARTED…..

eejits was first started in 2005 after an experiment in drawing and digital colouring. It has been something that I have worked on, on and off, since then. I needed to try different colouring techniques out so needed something to colour. So I drew a weird wee creature and started on that. I kept practicing and as my drawings took shape and I created more creatures, the more and more that I looked at them, the more gormless and glaikit they looked. Together they looked liked a bunch of idiots, so they became eejits. ‘eejits‘ is the Scottish/Irish term for an idiot and a term that I used on a near daily basis! Doesn’t really say a lot for the people around me!

After I had been showing my new creations around the internet, people kept asking me about them and what each individual eejit was called. I hadn’t given any of them names. I didn’t want to call them ‘Bob’ or ‘Steve’ or something boring (sorry Bob & Steve). The eejits needed something different. When looking at the collection all together, it had dawned on me that they had evolved into a species. So I gave them the genus ‘eejitus‘ and these Latin names have been forever attached to the collection since then. Sometimes the hardest part is naming these critters but their personality and character usually tell me what they want to be known as…..

eejits: THE BRAND

In 2017, I started working on eejits brand more seriously and started thinking of it as a business not just a hobby. The eejits brand is primarily aimed at 7-12 year olds as well as big kids (like me) who share a love for cartoon art and curious characters. They are designed to bring a wee wry smile and a bit o’ fun and colour to people’s lives. eejits are lovable, weird and wonderful, cheeky and charming characters born in the Highlands o’ Scotland.

There’s nothing better than seeing/hearing people’s reaction to the latest eejit character or product. The range o’ eejit products have mainly been focussed on print products and the successfully crowd-funded eejits Card Game – BAHOOCHIE! but I do have a dream to get a full range o’ eejit Plush and Designer Vinyl Toys into the real world, after all there are hundreds of characters to choose from! It would be fantastic to see eejits brought to life in cuddly plush or cool plastic. From there on, a series o’ animated shorts featuring these glaikit creatures getting up to all sorts of hilarious nonsense would be a dream come true!

eejits: PATREON

Over on www.patreon.com/eejits you will find the eejits Membership site or The Clan as I like to call it. Patreon is a pay-for membership site where you can join and support eejits from as little as $/£2 a month (no minimum term, cancel at any time, no fuss). It is a place that is chock full o’ eejits content – from (deep breath); regular sketches, new and exclusive eejits (not shown on this site), colouring-in pages, phone wallpapers, money off coupons for the eejits Etsy store, the 4 FINDS for FRIDAY weekly blog post and behind the scenes looks and regular LIVESTREAMS of me showing you the ins and outs of using Affinity Designer (the software I use to create eejits). Plus you can also get exclusive eejits Character STICKERs and wonderful 10×8″ PRINTs delivered direct to your door each and every month you are a subscriber (depending on the level of subscription you decided to sign up for).

My plan is to grow the Clan into a community of like-minded individuals that love cartoon characters and character design of all sorts. It’s the best place to be to get all the eejits content I create. Head to the Patreon website to learn more about it and join the Clan! You’ll be welcomed with virtual hugs, high fives and that warm feeling knowing you are supporting this artist’s dreams to make eejits bigger and better.

eejits: LICENSE THIS! 2020

In 2020, I entered eejits headlong into the world of licensing by submitting the brand into the License This! Contest, run by Brand Licensing Europe (BLE) – one of the biggest licensing trade shows in the world. I was shocked to be chosen as a Finalist! After recording pitches online against two other amazing finalists, I was even more flabbergasted and absolutely & utterly delighted to be announced as the WINNER in the Character and Animation category. It was such a surprise, it blew my socks off. The eejits and my good self are off to London for next year’s Brand Licensing Europe Expo and into the incredibly exciting world of Licensing – with a head full of dreams and a lot of hard work ahead of me. I cannot wait!

There have already been some fruitful conversations had. So watch this space… Who knows where you’ll see eejits pop up next?!?

George: ABOUT ME

I am now a man in his 40’s (remind me to update this in a few years!), doodling and creating whatever makes me happy. I spend the majority of my time as a Mechanical Design Engineer creating mechanisms and contraptions in 3D CAD. When I’m not looking at the computer screen doing that, I am looking at my tablet screen creating eejits.

When I’m not looking at those screens, I like to spend time with my wife – Tracy, our two almost grown-up kids – Cameron & Rhiannon and our idiot of a dog – Sully. I am very fortunate and grateful for the life I have and living up here in Caithness (the very North o’ the Highlands o’ Scotland), where the air is clean, the craic is good and the people are friendly. Like an eejit, I also take the occasional dip in the North Sea (for health benefits), regardless of the season, meditate by holding my breath for minutes (for health benefits) and study Personal Growth (for health benefits). I’m also slightly addicted to Instagram, animated films, collecting books that I never read and the occasional craft beer.